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AOA Annual Scientific Meeting 2014

AOA ASM 2014
From 13/10/14 - 16/10/14 I attended the AOA Annual Scientific Meeting at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

A great opportunity to see some of the latest research in orthopaedics being conducted in Australia and overseas. Of particular interest was the discussion and plenary sessions regarding various approaches used for total hip replacement and the current state of general orthopaedic opinion regarding these. Some newer, novel approaches are being promoted which also promise even less invasive surgery for hip replacement, and the introduction of robot-assisted and navigated surgery to improve the accuracy of hip and knee replacement is certainly going to be of interest in the coming years.

The absence of any good evidence for the use of stem cell therapy, platelet rich plasma injections and other growth hormones into arthritic knee joints sparked some minor controversy, but one of the main talking points was raised by Prof Lohmander's presentation of a meta-analysis indicating that arthroscopic knee surgery for degenerative meniscal tears may not be as successful as we used to think, and perhaps there is more of a role for conservative treatment of these in the first instance?