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  03 9044 4555


An Afternoon with Remote and Rural GPs at RACS

As part of the Minor Surgical Skills Course for Remote and Rural GPs, I was invited (for the sixth time) to give a presentation on the management of orthopaedic trauma to those GPs who work with fairly limited resources.

It’s no mean feat trying to distill and then impart what is essentially 4-5 years of registrar level orthopaedic training to a room full of remote GPs after lunch on a warm Sunday afternoon, but with due credit to the attendees, they stayed awake(!), we got through it well, and still had time for a demonstration of plastering techniques for wrist and scaphoid injuries at the end.

It’s always good fun and the attendees certainly seem to appreciate the time spent, and frequently have tricky cases that they like to get a second (or third) opinion on. Looking forward to the next course in March 2015.